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I’m an experienced tutor with a number of years’ experience who started off by visiting students in their own homes, progressed to teaching small classes in a weekend school, and now also offer “online tutoring”: locally, nationwide and overseas.

If you’re concerned about your child’s academic progress, then I’m confident that I can help you. Your concerns may be down to your children:

• missing lessons due to the Covid-19 pandemic;
• having difficulty with a particular aspect of a syllabus;
• needing to improve results and grades

I’ve established a reputation as a friendly, informal teacher whose cheerful and patient style helps even the most nervous and shy students. This enables them to relax, enjoy the lessons and make steady progress.

I joined the Government's National Tutoring ("Catch-up") Programme in 2020.

This is quite an old photo, but it's one of my favourites!

What Can I Offer?

So far, I've largely concentrated on the KS2 stages, around the 8-11 age group. I offer the popular subjects of ENGLISH and MATHS, but also offer GEOGRAPHY, HISTORY, FRENCH and even LATIN.

However, some parents have asked me to continue teaching their children beyond KS2, and consequently I’ve ended up doing English, Geography and History up to GCSE level, as the students had Special Needs, and it was felt that it would be better to stick with someone whom they knew and felt comfortable with, rather than finding a new tutor.

I also enjoy helping students prepare for tests such as the 11-Plus, SATs and independent school entrance examinations. It makes a pleasant change from teaching “academic” subjects!

Some of my recent successes include a student achieving 120/120 in the English section of his SATs test (and 116/120 in Maths), and an autistic boy who hardly spoke, but was offered a place at an independent school after we’d spent several months together (he’d already rejected tutors from another agency).

Other successes are less simple to quantify. Just helping children to overcome a problem and become more self-confident in future would be termed a success by many. I always find it immensely satisfying when a student says, “Andrew, I understand that now!” This even occurred with a young man at a design agency where we were both working, and I explained the use of apostrophes to him. His response: “Andrew, you’ve just succeeded in explaining something to me in five minutes which my teachers at school couldn’t do in all my years there!”

I can also assist adults with their literacy and numeracy if it’s holding them back in their careers, and advise on compiling CVs and job-application letters.

My Background

I didn’t train as a teacher when I was younger, opting for a career in finance, and later, publishing. This is because I couldn’t really see myself addressing a whole classroom! Tutoring, however, is very different: I may not be able to address 24 (or more!) kids, but I can certainly explain things to individuals and small groups, and my experience in recent years is proof of this.

I was told that I was “a natural teacher” many years ago, and even as a teenager I spent weekends training learner motor-cyclists how to ride safely.

My early career included accounting, statistics (Saudi Arabia’s trade figures) and market analysis (UK soft drinks industry). Later I moved into publishing, editing books for Harper Collins and having articles published worldwide in Encyclopaedia Britannica, for whom I also worked as Sports Editor of their Junior Yearbook.

I’ve also written advertising copy as a “copywriter” for a design agency, and written a computer users’ manual for my staff whilst working in Saudi Arabia.

I have some advantages over many modern, young school teachers. My education, which included learning Latin from the age of just 10, was largely at the hands of Oxbridge-educated schoolmasters. Consequently more emphasis was put on literacy than is currently the case with today’s teachers. I've seen many of my students’ schoolwork where the majority of errors are simply not corrected by their teachers – and occasionally, completely miscorrected: in other words, the text or spelling was originally correct, but after “intervention” by the teacher, it was now incorrect!

You’re probably aware that children are either not permitted to bring their books home, or at least are discouraged from doing so. Call me cynical, but having seen the level and standard of “corrections”, I suspect that I know why – many parents would be shocked!

I’ve also seen a lot more of life than most young school teachers. This enables me to “supplement” textbook material with my own personal experiences, which “brings to life” certain subjects. My “quizzing” experience also comes in useful.

I’ve written a number of articles on sport and soccer, which ignites the interest of some students!

Other aspects of my background: I lived and worked in Saudi Arabia for a year, belonged to one of the UK’s strongest Soccer Quiz teams and occasionally give piano and organ recitals.


I have plenty of positive testimonials on various websites, from agencies and from parents whose children I’ve taught. This number continues to grow steadily.

Read some of my testimonials on

My Rates

My standard rate is currently £30 per hour for visiting students in their own homes, and £25 per hour for online tutoring.

However, you may like to consult with the parents of your child’s friends (at school or close by) and arrange group sessions. This works out much more affordable for parents. I’ve already given a number of group lessons online during the “Lockdown”. Please ask for more details.

Online tutoring is currently undertaken via the “Zoom” platform, which I’ve found to be quite simple to use.

(Please note that I don’t insist on the commitment of long-term bookings. If your child only needs the odd lesson on a particular topic, that’s fine with me.)

DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service)
Registered since 2010.
Most recent registration in April 2020.
Certificate no. 001696844081
Update system: C3707348191

Joined the Government's National Tutoring ("Catch-up") Programme in 2020.

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Mobile: 07958 595 734